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Wrinkles Removal

Wrinkles – the most common sign of aging. Day by day which passes, we fear or refuse to reflect the wrinkles as our own. There is no simple solution to wrinkle removal because there are different types of wrinkles and each has specific treatments designed to treat them. One of them is called; dynamic wrinkles.

Those lines of smiling, laughing, crying and frowning over a long period of time are the result of muscular movement and are called ‘dynamic wrinkles’. Over time, our skin loses volume and elasticity and the ‘dynamic wrinkles’, through repetition, become ‘etched’ in the skin. Dermlaze skin laser centre can help take away if not reduce those lines. Wrinkle lines which can make you look angry even when you aren’t. So when you’re happy, you can show it.
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wrinkle reduction treatments malaysiawrinkle reduction treatments malaysia
wrinkle reduction treatments malaysia

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What types of wrinkle treatments you offer? Dermlaze skin laser centre offer wrinkle treatments in the form of Fillers and lasers used for cosmetic facelifts.The fillers consist of hyaluronic acid fillers like Aquamid, Bio Alcamid and Autologous fat transplantation(for the face and for breast enlargement) What is the difference between my wrinkle creams? Creams can only slow the rate of water loss from the surface of the skin and thereby diminish the harshness of facial lines or wrinkles. Creams can’t penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to remedy the underlying cause of the lines and wrinkles. How soon before I notice results? You will immediately notice a distinct result on the area that has been treated. Whether it was to increase of lips volume, enhancement of your lips’ contour, reduction/removal of wrinkles, filling in of deep folds and etc. Do I have to treat my wrinkles often? Unless our physician decides, during the follow-up visit, it is not necessary to plan the next treatment, on the same area.
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