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RSP KL is a multidisciplinary Architecture practice in Malaysia. The practice was founded in 1956. With the team of professional architects, interior designers, planners and engineers, they are dedicated to create architecture that strive for excellence. They are committed to design green and sustainable buildings to serve the environments well. Throughout the years, they are constantly creating buildings that inspire and at the same time connecting both, the natural and man-made environment. They provide a full range of architectural, interior design, urban design and planning services. Besides green design, their work emphasizes on practical solutions and technical innovations in order to cleverly achieve the unique design aspiration that they strive for. They are extremely proficient at performing architectural services for high-rise building, mixed use, master planning, exhibition center, offices, hotel and hospital.

Besides RSP KL and RSP Penang in Malaysia, RSP offices can be found in Singapore, Dubai, India, Vietnam, and China.  Internationally, with more than 1,000 staff, RSP G (Group) is ranked top ten architecture practice in the world. To date, RSP KL has won numerous awards, completed thousands of residential units, more than 20 commercial high-rises in KL and the biggest exhibition building in Malaysian.


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