Calibration Services Malaysia

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Calibration Services Malaysia

Calibration services is a process to check, adjust or determine the comparison of measurement values delivered by a unit under test with a calibration standard of known accuracy that can be traced back to agreed international standards – the system of SI units – e.g. Metre, Litre, Kilogramme, Kelvin, Ampere, Second, and more.

The outcome should show no significant error on the equipment, otherwise technical adjustment will be made for any signs of the significant error to bring it into alignment with the calibration standard.

Other services include:

  1. Calibration Services Malaysia
  2. Material Testing Malaysia
  3. Vibration and Environmental Chamber
  4. Laboratory Scientific Equipment Malaysia
  5. Optical Emission Spectrometer Malaysia
  • Manufacturer-recommended calibration interval – Manufacturers’ specifications usually indicate how often to calibrate their instruments,
  • How important the measurements being made are to your product or service;
  • The degree of wear and tear that the instrument will experience during service;
  • The stability of the instrument itself and a review of the calibration records that already exist to determine whether an adjustment
    has been needed previously.
  • A general recommendation is a starting periodicity of 12 months for most instruments and may increase the calibration frequency to half-yearly or quarterly if the adjustment is required or reduce to 2 years if the equipment is fairly stable after a sequence of annual calibrations.


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