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Bodyguard Service Malaysia

Swift Eagle Security Sdn. Bhd provides its clients with Bodyguard services in Malaysia via our field office in Kuala Lumpur, providing supporting intelligence, linguistics and logistics as required. Whilst Kuala Lumpur is a moderately safe city, there are political and religious tensions in Malaysia and the country does have its share of terrorism issues. Our Bodyguard services in Malaysia are designed to be tailored to the requirements of each client based on the location, the duration and local intelligence and of course, on our own present Travel Advisory for Malaysia. We provide Bodyguard Services across the whole country. Malaysia attracts millions of visitors each year, many for business and pleasure. It is also a mecca for young people backpacking across Asia, due in part to the country’s attractive beaches and ethnic diversity; Malay, Chinese and also Indian. The country of Malaysia is split into two parts; on the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo as well as many outlying islands. Clients wishing to travel further afield and venture outside Kuala Lumpur will not be disappointed, Malaysia has many things to offer for vacations or sightseeing, from The Perhentian Islands and Tioman Islands to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Malacca and of course, the orangutans and rainforest canopy walks on Borneo. If you love the jungle, you don’t need to travel out to Borneo for that, Taman Negara on the Malay peninsula is Malaysia’s oldest national park and is considered to be one of the world’s oldest tropical rainforests.
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